Over the past 10 years I have amassed a large file on the "Kinross" incident.
Only recently have I got around to scanning and archiving these pages.
I am making them available to the public to increase knowledge about
this event and to honor the memory of those that were lost on the day in November.
I will continue to scan and upload files until all 200+ pages are archived here.
I will also include all of the reports and newspaper accounts in my files.
Thank you. - John E.L. Tenney www.weirdlectures.com

Upload Date: 12/23/07: Medical Reports & Testimony - Click here to download the pdf - 6MB - 51 Files
Upload Date: 12/23/07: Search Reports & Findings- Click here to download the pdf - 12MB - 33 Files
Upload Date: 12/24/07: Technical Reports/ Casualty Report- Click here to download the pdf - 5MB - 33 Files
If you are experiencing any trouble downloading these files please contact me at john@weirdlectures.com
 All materials contained on this page are believed to be held in the public domain